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Marine and Energy Lubricants


Physical Supplier for Castrol Marine in the Panama Canal and Central America

Wakefield supplies Castrol’s full portfolio for the Marine and Power Generation markets.

Crosshead Engine Cylinder Oils
Crosshead System Oil
Trunk Piston Engine Heavy Duty Oils (BN ≥ 20) SAE 30, 40, 50
Trunk Piston Engine Heavy Duty Oils (BN < 20) MONOGRADE SAE 30, 40
Trunk Piston Engine Heavy Duty Oils (BN < 20) MULTIGRADE 15W40
ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE FLUIDS (Hydraulic / Stern tubes / Thrusters / Grease points)
Ancillary Grades & Specialist Fluids / Specialist Synthetic Fluids

We can help you overcome the growing challenges of complexity and uncertainty around engine lubrication with high-quality lubrication benefits:

  • Clean Engine
  • Better BN stability
  • Better Engine performance
  • Clean separators
  • Better separation efficiency
  • Lube Oil consumption reduction
  • Better protection for parts
  • Extended Time between Overhauls
  • SaveMoney

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